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Program Seeks to Close AZ Students’ ‘Achievement Gap’

A new grant program aims to close the “achievement gap” for low-income Arizona students by getting their families involved in their education.
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March 29, 2019

Study: Poverty, Location Factors In Arizona Student Literacy

A study of literacy programs for Arizona third-graders found that children who live in poverty or attend rural schools are at a disadvantage in learning to read. Continue reading

March 27, 2019

‘Read On Arizona’ Aims to Boost Preschoolers’ Literacy Skills

Education experts say when preschoolers can’t read at an age-appropriate level, it can hamper their long-term success in the classroom. The program “Read On Arizona” aims to make sure every child in Arizona schools reads at the proper level by the time they finish third grade. Continue reading

March 8, 2019

AZ Child Advocates Warn Parents to Limit Toddlers’ Screen Time

Child-development experts say allowing your toddler or preschooler too much time in front of the TV or digital devices can delay their development of critical life skills. Continue reading

February 26, 2019

One Arizona district has found a way to keep truant kids in school

Drive until the yellow line on the paved road disappears.

Keep driving as the cement gives way to a dirt path. Pass the dumpster. Continue reading

December 19, 2018

Improving Reading Outcomes for Economically Disadvantaged Students

For an elementary school teacher who works with economically disadvantaged students, it can be discouraging to hear phrases like “significant achievement gap” or “30-million-word gap” in discussions of the reading and vocabulary development of our students. But research does bear those phrases out: There are clear trends of underachievement in academics for students of low socioeconomic status (SES). Continue reading

November 6, 2018

Using Data to Improve Lives of AZ Children

PHOENIX – To improve education and literacy in Arizona, it’s important to first understand challenges different communities face. Continue reading

October 15, 2018

United Way of Northern Arizona kicks off annual campaign

Unveiling a renewed focus on “uniting for an educated and thriving community” and shining a spotlight on its early children literacy efforts, United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) kicked off …

September 8, 2018

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